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Godo Röben

Rügenwalder Mühle has what you would want in a flagship company – an intelligent vision, responsible purpose, clear messages, and plenty of scope for participation, exchange, and discussions. Read on, how the former CMO and today CEO, Godo Röben, proved great leadership through willingness and courage to take on risks, infuse innovation, ensure strong willpower , and continually lead from the heart succeeding in establishing a sustainable industry trend.

Sabine Kluge

Having worked in the HR department at the German global corporation, Siemens, for over 16 years, Sabine has succeeded in implementing social learning, social networks, and new organizational formats.

Achim & Adrian Hensen

Adrian and Achim Hensen are co-founders of Purpose Stiftung, a non-profit that redefines steward ownership as the motor in a changing economy. When talking about new work topics, process design and methods often dominate the discussion while the question of ownership remains unanswered.

Götz Werner

Götz Werner stands for entrepreneurship on behalf of humanity. As the founder and board member of dm drugstore, he is a strong advocate for basic income being an opportunity for a positive development for the world of work and society.

Thomas D

A vegan, animal lover, eco-activist, and musician, Thomas D is probably best known in Germany as one of the members of the hip-hop band 'Die Fantastischen Vier'. He’s a person who thinks before he sings, although one has to question whether the Fanta 4 actually 'sing.'

Nora Beckershaus

Nora Beckershaus is the Director of Operations and Growth at the Millennial magazine Refinery29 Germany. Before being given the opportunity to launch the U.S. lifestyle platform in Germany together with the Editor-in-Chief Cloudy Zakrocki, Nora, a Gen Yer herself, followed a multi-faceted career path that took her from law studies to Axel Springer.

Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, a learning experience company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. What he started as a small e-commerce shop selling self-help programs and courses back in 2003 in New York is now a business of global reputation known for being a leading edu-tech organization.

Lea Lange

Lea Lange founded the online shop JUNIQE with two co-founders. Over the years, they’ve built a lifestyle brand for handpicked affordable art, home accessories, stationery and gifts.

Max Neufeind

Max Neufeind mag es, sich den zentralen Themen des 21. Jahrhunderts zu stellen. Als Forscher, Dozent und Berater beschäftigt er sich mit psychologischen, soziologischen und ökonomischen Fragestellungen rund um das Thema „Zukunft der Arbeit“.

Ines Gensinger

Ines Gensinger ist ein Teamplayer durch und durch. Als Head of Business and Consumer Communication leitet sie bei Microsoft ein 15-köpfiges Team und zieht Motivation, wie auch Inspiration daraus dieses kontinuierlich weiterzuentwickeln. Es motiviert sie, wenn sie sieht, wie sich Teammitglieder entwickeln und sie dazu einen Beitrag leisten konnte.

Oliver Eske

As Head of Workplace and Infrastructure at AXA Germany, Oliver Eske manages the "New Way of Working" project – or NWoW for short. The project’s mission? To introduce “new work principles” at all German AXA locations by the end of 2019, sustainably improving collaboration within the group, reducing silo thinking and promoting more agile working. But project NWoW is not only about reshaping the workplace; it also aims to help encourage flexible, creative and innovative work.

Sigurd Jaiser

Sigurd Jaiser is a member of the extended executive board at sipgate in Düsseldorf.Founded in 2004 as the first German VoIP-provider, today the company is synonymous for innovative fixed network and mobile Internet and telephony solutions. Since it’s 2010 reorganization process, the company’s 130 employees have aligned their work with principles of agility and lean management. A method they’ve preserved in their self-published coffee table meets business book, 24 Work Hacks.

Sabine Fäth

Sabine Fäth is the founder of SCRIBERSHUB, a platform for freelance writers, authors, and journalists. Having worked as Chief Editor at various women’s magazines such as FÜR SIE and Tina and Laura, after 15 years, she decided to become self-employed to help drive the contemporary transformation of the media world.

Stephan Rathgeber

Stephan Rathgeber is the Head of the newly created Board Department for Innovation and Digitalization at HAYS AG in Mannheim. Up until January 2018, he was Marketing Manager for Germany at ManpowerGroup, one of the leading HR service providers worldwide. At the moment, he is concerned with "everything in the context of mankind's biggest market – work." Although he sees the term ‘new work’ as a fashionable notion, he welcomes the movement. Stephan points to the fact that much in relation to this topic is often too esoteric and too little focused on the business, the people and the results to be achieved.

Yasmine Orth

Yasmine Orth is the founder of THE LOVERS – a community for conscious living. Under this overarching brand, she creates and curates her signature events at THE LOVERS Academy:  'Salon Mondaine for Female Empowerment & Leadership', the yoga and meditation salon 'Urban Libertines' and yoga and coaching retreats 'Lead with love & Conscious Living' for a deeper experience.

Silvia Wiesner

Silvia verantwortet das Lebensmittel-Geschäft von Unilever in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz – mit Fokus auf Marketing und Kommunikation. Für sie gilt es, das Menschliche in Unternehmen zu bewahren und als Erfolgsfaktor zu fördern. Was ihren Führungsstil auszeichnet und wie sie Entwicklungspotential erkennt könnt ihr in unserer neuen Story lesen!

Thomas Müller

A fan of simplicity, Thomas Müller, the General Manager Europe, Latin America, Middle East at FJORD uses design as a way to promote people and create clarity with form and function.

Nina Pestke

Nina Pestke is responsible for communications, PR and marketing at B-Corp holacracy organization soulbottles. By producing 100% plastic-free glass bottles, the Berlin company fights global plastic waste and donates a Euro per sale to Viva con Agua’s drinking water projects.

Tom Bachem

Tom Bachem is chancellor and co-founder of the newly opened Code University of Applied Sciences at the new Factory community space in Berlin. It's the first practice-oriented, state-approved university for digital product development.

Lena Marbacher, Ph.D.

Lena Marbacher has a Ph.D. in Design and consults companies small and large in organizational development at TheDive. She's also the founder of the magazine Neue Narrative.

Antonello Manacorda

Antonello has been the artistic director of the Kammerakademie Potsdam since the 2010/2011 season and chief executive of the Dutch Het Gelders Orchestra since 2011/2012. Also a guest conductor for many of today's leading ensembles and opera houses, he lives a life on stage. It all sounds rather dazzling, exciting, and exotic and yet, according to Antonello, it is not always easy.

Samuel West

Samuel West is a clinical psychologist by training who has worked with companies and CEOs in the past. Today, he's the founder of the world’s first Museum of Failure in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Michael Trautmann

A renowned advertiser, dazzling figure, and today, a new work proponent, Michael Trautmann loves to shape things, to rebuild them, to recognize each person's potential, and bring the right mix of people together to create something new.

Frank Klingenhöfer

Frank Klingenhöfer has been working for Deutsche Bahn for 22 years. He built up the S-Bahn RheinNeckar, was responsible for the strategy of passenger traffic, and was working for DB Arriva in London.

Bodo Janssen

Marc Sinnewe

Marc Sinnewe is the founder and CEO of volunt, a consulting agency for non-profit organizations. Its mission? Dusting off the idea of voluntary and professionalizing associations.

Jana Tepe & Anna Kaiser

Flexibility at work is much more than just home office and flexi-time. Tandemploy founders Jana and Anna are fueling the “flexibilization” of the working world by confronting challenges like gender equality and work-family life balance.

Joana Breidenbach

For Joana Breidenbach, emerging trends are a chance to explore new potential. Today, she wonders how we can create a more inclusive approach to digitization to avoid leaving people feeling insecure and fearful of new developments.

Heiko Fischer

In 2011, Heiko Fischer and Angela Maus founded Resourceful Humans. Following the "RH-way" they aimed at transforming businesses into entrepreneurial led network organizations with 100% entrepreneurship and 0% bureaucracy.

Jürgen Bock

Jürgen Bock is one of the leading experts in the area of corporate cultural development in Germany. Incredibly empathetic and open, it's no surprise Jürgen ended up in this particular field. He believes he owes it to his constant curiosity and courage to follow his intuition.

Julia Kopper

Julia Kopper hasn’t exactly ever worked at a company before. Starting out her career, she interned at MTV and then traveled the world with the production team of VOX before settling down in Berlin to found muxmäuschenwild.

Steffen Stäuber & Jan Stassen

Steffen Stäuber and Jan Stassen are both creative, unconventional thinkers. With their work at Create Meaning, their aim is to identify new ways in which the creative industry can produce transformative work that impacts business, politics, and society. They're also part of Berlin's, a place that brings together people with similar values but different backgrounds.

Jörn Hendrik Ast

Jörn Hendrik Ast is a solopreneur, author, superhero trainer, and feminist. As a natural-born fighter and autodidact, he chose to become a self-employed consultant in 2010, co-founding his career and personality program, Superheldentraining, with Inken Arntzen only three years later.

Marion King

Digitalization has completely changed how we live and work. For Marion, it’s imperative to adapt these shifts by taking responsibility for one’s life.

Christoph Fahle

Christoph Fahle is the co-founder and CEO of betahaus, one of the first coworking spaces on the planet. Conceived of first and foremost for and from the community. With the upcoming launch of his newly founded startup, OneCoworking, Christoph intends to follow down the path of his original vision.

Carina Stöwe

Argentina, Colombia, Panama, Mexico and California. Together with her then boyfriend, Carina Stöwe traveled for 18 months between 2015 and 2016. That’s when her life as a long-term traveller and blogger began.

Markus Väth

Psychologist Markus Väth has been working as a freelance consultant, coach, and speaker since 2006. Alongside his work, since May 2017 Markus has been building up the think tank Humanfy, focusing on future of work topics.

Lukas Marx

Lukas Marx discovered his love for music at an early age. The decision to turn his passion into a career, however, took a little longer.

Philipp Bohn

What came first, digital tools or new work culture? Only together can they have an impact, explains Philipp Bohn, Vice President Marketing Cloud Collaboration at Unify, the company that launched the cloud communication tool Circuit. Philipp watched the beginning of the digital age as telephony developed with voice over IP later resulting in the market launch of Apple’s iPhone. Today, he asks himself how tools will enable and adapt to the new world of work.

Cloudy Zakrocki

Before diving into the world of fashion journalism, at 15 years-old Cloudy began her work life as a dishwasher. Today, as Editorial Director at Refinery29 Germany, she reflects on how everything you do in life defines what you are.

Dr. Andreas Schiel

Andreas Schiel is a humanist by conviction, but he obtained his doctorate in philosophy through love, communication, and ethics. He found his way to the theme of ‘future of work,' unearthing his own innovative spirit and building up a network of people along the way.

Maxi Knust

Maxi Knust was interested in the topic of founding from early on. However, she never planned to make this topic her job one day.

Jacob Morgan

Jacob Morgan is one of the world’s leading pioneers in the future of work and employee experience. After years of research on how the world of work is changing, he’s now published his third book, ‘The Employee Experience Advantage,' and travels the world as a keynote speaker and advisor to business leaders and organizations.

Freek-Jan Ronner & Joost Minaar

‘Making work more fun’ is a movement started by Dutch Corporate Rebels Joost Minnaar, Pim de Morree, and Freek-Jan Ronner.

Inga Höltmann

Freelance journalist Inga Höltmann is the founder of Accelerate Academy, a platform that offers leadership training along digital principles to create a sense of unity around topics of new work and cultural change.

Marc Wagner

What happens after all the new work hype? That’s the question Marc Wagner, Global Head of Transformation, People Management & Integral Business at Detecon International GmbH has kept in mind while actively involved in the digital transformation of companies.

Joachim Schledt

Since 2008, Joachim Schledt has dedicated himself completely to Alnatura’s employee development instead of employee retention—a term he’s has removed from his vocabulary entirely. Today, the organic food retailer founded in 1984 has made moves towards becoming a social, organic company.

Alina Hodzode & Andrea Schmidt

Grounded in common experiences and a conviction to introduce consciousness into society, organizations, and individuals, last year the pair founded their own business, Integrale Vision. With specific awareness training, they’re revealing how effective meditation can benefit and be of use to everyone in daily life.

Volker Zanetti

At the age of 13, Volker Zanetti already followed his gut feeling and affinity for the media industry. Today, he leads the Berlin-based BLOGFABRIK in Kreuzberg. More than just another co-working space, BLOGFABRIK is also an agency for bloggers, Instagrammers, filmmakers, and photographers.

Mirjam Kleine & Lars Braitmayer

Both Mirjam Kleine and Lars Braitmayer have experienced Viva con Agua’s growth from a small circle of friend to an association. For both of them, Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. stands for bravery, authenticity, and the freedom to continuously create new opportunities, discover one’s potential, and grow a team without losing the company’s original spirit.

Nilam Farooq

The phrase ‘I have to work’ has no place in Nilam’s vocabulary. As an actress, Youtube influencer, and co-founder of Ellevant Media, she shapes her life independently and self-determinately.

Peter Ivanov

In a world dominated by division, polarity, and cultural disparities, Peter Ivanov strives for unity. As an executive coach, keynote speaker, and discus world champion he teaches companies, managers, and individuals how to successfully lead Virtual Power Teams.

Nadine Nobile

Working alongside her co-founder and partner Sven Franke, Nadine is eager to break similar paradigms within organizations.

Andreas Stückl

Being a former bike courier, Andreas has always had a conscientious relationship with his city. Since founding Bike Citizens, he’s followed a vision of inspiring more people to cycle using app technologies.

Tim Gerbrecht

For seven years, Tim has dedicated himself to his passion of social media. Today, he’s still fascinated by its fast-paced development. For this social media team lead, bringing together the best for customers is what makes the job both attractive and fun

Daria Markova

Before co-founding Space Shack coworking, Daria’s journey led through a very eclectic variety of workplaces.

Florian Peter

Florian wants to help companies improve lives. With a background in business administration, his work experience brought him to Mandalah, an innovation consultancy focusing on people and consciousness.

Laura Zumbaum

Laura has devoted her life to coffee, more precisely, to the coffee fruit. She wants to revolutionize and provide greater transparency to the coffee industry.

Alexander Tornow

One of Alexander's current areas of interest is the evolving working world, which has consequently led to him to start his initiative, New Work Families. The draw to rethink work resulted from a bitter realization at the end of his economics studies.

Katja Thiede & Silvia Steude

The working world has increasingly become subject to economic constraints and pushed the human increasingly into the background. The result? Personal needs like family planning and personal connection have been quickly vanishing caught in the gears of the process-oriented mechanisms of companies.

Martin Wezowski

As Chief Designer for SAP’s Innovation Center Networks, Martin Wezowski’s ability to remain open-minded is the prime reason he’s gotten to where he is today.

Marc Buckley

Marc’s life work is to reform the agriculture, food and beverage industry by showing how to build and grow resilient, sustainable and profitable businesses.

Federico Pistono

There was a precise moment that changed Federico Pistono’s work life forever. After learning of Steve Jobs’ death in 2011, he reflected on the scope of the Apple founder’s impact and asked himself, 'What is my legacy? What have I achieved and contributed to the planet'.

Paulina & Kamil Walkowiak

Paulina and Kamil Walkowiak’s life revolves around their newly minted digital agency — Cloud Development — and their “main project,” as they playfully call their 7-month old son Jeremy. Whether they’re attending a tech conference, business meeting or traveling, Jeremy is always right along side.

Julia Bruton

Julia Bruton is not one to just watch and wait. To her, everyone has the responsibility to change something, and her newly founded Sinnema Animation Studio is her chance to do just that.

Nicole Thurn

Is this all there is to work? After almost ten years working as a journalist at a daily newspaper, Nicole stepped outside her comfort zone to found New Work Stories, a blogazine tackling topics surrounding the new world of work.

Shawn Williams

It’s been five years since Shawn Williams graduated from the University of Glasgow with a masters degree in business management and politics. Five years since he first left the comforts of his carefree student life behind.

Ferdi van Heerden

“When talking about the gaps in the educational system, you can actually think of the gaps in a fishing net.”

Lizzie Jones

Armed with a background in fashion design, Lizzie Jones worked in the industry for a couple of years after graduating, but she knew that the industry wasn’t a good fit for her.

Dr. Jan Sulk

While it was primarily the idea of safety that led Dr. Jan Sulk to follow a traditional career path, he views his choices in a more relaxed way and realizes that balance is more important than ever.

Natalia Smirnova

Natalia Smirnova has never worked for a company in the traditional sense. Having grown up in St. Petersburg, Russia, she owned a literary agency before making the move to Berlin.

Anna Süster Volquardsen

Anna has reached her personal understanding of new work. The digital magazine DEAR WORK is her way of spreading the message that every working life needs to adjust to meet individual needs and circumstances.

Christoph Magnussen

For tech enthusiast, entrepreneur and YouTuber Christoph Magnussen, emerging tools and technologies are indispensable in crafting the future of work in a more valuable and productive way.

Anja Dehghan & Maria Gerono

Jobinnovator has become the center of the Anja Dehghan and Maria Gerono’s lives. Undoubtedly their top priority, the jobs search engine has the two founders busy while they work towards their company’s first round of financing.

Julia von Winterfeldt

Julia calls herself a Human Leadership Advocate. For her, future ways of working and a leadership culture will need to lure more feminine qualities in.

Ferdi van Heerden

Born and raised in Phalaborwa, South Africa, in between Etosha Park and apartheid policy, Ferdi was confronted with the topic of humanity at a very early stage.

Jonathan Courtney

For Jonathan, ‘follow your passion’ is a hollow phrase. In his view, it’s an excuse to procrastinate, waiting to find that one thing you’re passionate about instead of spending your time usefully.

Val Racheeva

Val Racheeva realized quite early in her career that she needed to create something on her own to have an impact. Even though she never planned on working in this field, she felt that there was a significant need to support female entrepreneurs.

Nina Rieke

There were two significant moments in Nina Rieke’s life that shaped her as a leader. The first one happened when the company she worked at in 2016 registered as insolvent.

Matthias Horx

Matthias Horx is decidedly a futurist. His life’s dedication to the future determined his decision to quit his job as a journalist to start his own company Trendbüro, now called Zukunftsinstitut.

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