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Martin Wezowski

Chief Designer, SAP Germany


Wednesday March 8th, 2017

As Chief Designer for SAP’s Innovation Center Networks, Martin Wezowski’s ability to remain open-minded is the prime reason he’s gotten to where he is today. As a teenager, Martin’s dream of becoming a rock star led him to two distinct realizations. For one, the chance of becoming a rock star was most likely comparable to winning the lottery. Secondly, his dream was less about becoming a rock star and more about becoming a rock musician. So he did it. He learned how to play the guitar, how to design a CD cover, how to book a tour and even how to create his own merch. In the process of acquiring all these newfound skills, he learned more about himself and what drives him.
“It’s necessary to develop skills in diverse fields. The problems we’re facing today are much more complex than ever before. You can’t rely on being solely one thing. You need to become multifaceted.”
For Martin, multiplicity equals innovation, and the world just can’t survive without innovation. “Being human — arguing, telling stories, having opinions. We are adept at and built for complexity. For this, you need a diversity of experiences.” According to him, every person is creative, and creativity will soon become the most desired skill-set since computers cannot replicate it — yet.
“Start something new. Start swimming, singing, taking pictures, learning accounting. Something other than what you are doing right now. This will inevitably lead you to creativity.”
Martin’s journey has been all about lifelong learning and shifting to shorter, faster and more direct forms of education, obtained through ongoing life experiences. These collective teachings make you unique, innovative, creative and, therefore, irreplaceable.
“You need to take the time to understand what drives you. Be active. Don’t expect things to just fall in your lap. Stay curious. Stay open.”
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