Humans of New Work

#Cultural Change

Frank Klingenhöfer

Frank Klingenhöfer has been working for Deutsche Bahn for 22 years. He built up the S-Bahn RheinNeckar, was responsible for the strategy of passenger traffic, and was working for DB Arriva in London.

Jürgen Bock

Jürgen Bock is one of the leading experts in the area of corporate cultural development in Germany. Incredibly empathetic and open, it's no surprise Jürgen ended up in this particular field. He believes he owes it to his constant curiosity and courage to follow his intuition.

Markus Väth

Psychologist Markus Väth has been working as a freelance consultant, coach, and speaker since 2006. Alongside his work, since May 2017 Markus has been building up the think tank Humanfy, focusing on future of work topics.

Freek-Jan Ronner & Joost Minaar

‘Making work more fun’ is a movement started by Dutch Corporate Rebels Joost Minnaar, Pim de Morree, and Freek-Jan Ronner.

Inga Höltmann

Freelance journalist Inga Höltmann is the founder of Accelerate Academy, a platform that offers leadership training along digital principles to create a sense of unity around topics of new work and cultural change.

Alina Hodzode & Andrea Schmidt

Grounded in common experiences and a conviction to introduce consciousness into society, organizations, and individuals, last year the pair founded their own business, Integrale Vision. With specific awareness training, they’re revealing how effective meditation can benefit and be of use to everyone in daily life.

Nadine Nobile

Working alongside her co-founder and partner Sven Franke, Nadine is eager to break similar paradigms within organizations.

Andreas Stückl

Being a former bike courier, Andreas has always had a conscientious relationship with his city. Since founding Bike Citizens, he’s followed a vision of inspiring more people to cycle using app technologies.

Florian Peter

Florian wants to help companies improve lives. With a background in business administration, his work experience brought him to Mandalah, an innovation consultancy focusing on people and consciousness.

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