Humans of New Work


Julia Kopper

Julia Kopper hasn’t exactly ever worked at a company before. Starting out her career, she interned at MTV and then traveled the world with the production team of VOX before settling down in Berlin to found muxmäuschenwild.

Jörn Hendrik Ast

Jörn Hendrik Ast is a solopreneur, author, superhero trainer, and feminist. As a natural-born fighter and autodidact, he chose to become a self-employed consultant in 2010, co-founding his career and personality program, Superheldentraining, with Inken Arntzen only three years later.

Maxi Knust

Maxi Knust was interested in the topic of founding from early on. However, she never planned to make this topic her job one day.

Anna Süster Volquardsen

Anna has reached her personal understanding of new work. The digital magazine DEAR WORK is her way of spreading the message that every working life needs to adjust to meet individual needs and circumstances.

Val Racheeva

Val Racheeva realized quite early in her career that she needed to create something on her own to have an impact. Even though she never planned on working in this field, she felt that there was a significant need to support female entrepreneurs.

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