Humans of New Work

#new leadership

Antonello Manacorda

Antonello has been the artistic director of the Kammerakademie Potsdam since the 2010/2011 season and chief executive of the Dutch Het Gelders Orchestra since 2011/2012. Also a guest conductor for many of today's leading ensembles and opera houses, he lives a life on stage. It all sounds rather dazzling, exciting, and exotic and yet, according to Antonello, it is not always easy.

Lea Lange

Lea Lange founded the online shop JUNIQE with two co-founders. Over the years, they’ve built a lifestyle brand for handpicked affordable art, home accessories, stationery and gifts.

Silvia Wiesner

Silvia verantwortet das Lebensmittel-Geschäft von Unilever in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz – mit Fokus auf Marketing und Kommunikation. Für sie gilt es, das Menschliche in Unternehmen zu bewahren und als Erfolgsfaktor zu fördern. Was ihren Führungsstil auszeichnet und wie sie Entwicklungspotential erkennt könnt ihr in unserer neuen Story lesen!

Michael Trautmann

A renowned advertiser, dazzling figure, and today, a new work proponent, Michael Trautmann loves to shape things, to rebuild them, to recognize each person's potential, and bring the right mix of people together to create something new.

Bodo Janssen

Julia von Winterfeldt

Julia calls herself a Human Leadership Advocate. For her, future ways of working and a leadership culture will need to lure more feminine qualities in.

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