Humans of New Work

#new technologies

Philipp Bohn

What came first, digital tools or new work culture? Only together can they have an impact, explains Philipp Bohn, Vice President Marketing Cloud Collaboration at Unify, the company that launched the cloud communication tool Circuit. Philipp watched the beginning of the digital age as telephony developed with voice over IP later resulting in the market launch of Apple’s iPhone. Today, he asks himself how tools will enable and adapt to the new world of work.

Daria Markova

Before co-founding Space Shack coworking, Daria’s journey led through a very eclectic variety of workplaces.

Federico Pistono

There was a precise moment that changed Federico Pistono’s work life forever. After learning of Steve Jobs’ death in 2011, he reflected on the scope of the Apple founder’s impact and asked himself, 'What is my legacy? What have I achieved and contributed to the planet'.

Paulina & Kamil Walkowiak

Paulina and Kamil Walkowiak’s life revolves around their newly minted digital agency — Cloud Development — and their “main project,” as they playfully call their 7-month old son Jeremy. Whether they’re attending a tech conference, business meeting or traveling, Jeremy is always right along side.

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