Humans of New Work

#new workspace

Steffen Stäuber & Jan Stassen

Steffen Stäuber and Jan Stassen are both creative, unconventional thinkers. With their work at Create Meaning, their aim is to identify new ways in which the creative industry can produce transformative work that impacts business, politics, and society. They're also part of Berlin's, a place that brings together people with similar values but different backgrounds.

Christoph Fahle

Christoph Fahle is the co-founder and CEO of betahaus, one of the first coworking spaces on the planet. Conceived of first and foremost for and from the community. With the upcoming launch of his newly founded startup, OneCoworking, Christoph intends to follow down the path of his original vision.

Katja Thiede & Silvia Steude

The working world has increasingly become subject to economic constraints and pushed the human increasingly into the background. The result? Personal needs like family planning and personal connection have been quickly vanishing caught in the gears of the process-oriented mechanisms of companies.

Natalia Smirnova

Natalia Smirnova has never worked for a company in the traditional sense. Having grown up in St. Petersburg, Russia, she owned a literary agency before making the move to Berlin.

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