Humans of New Work

#Organizational Change

Oliver Eske

As Head of Workplace and Infrastructure at AXA Germany, Oliver Eske manages the "New Way of Working" project – or NWoW for short. The project’s mission? To introduce “new work principles” at all German AXA locations by the end of 2019, sustainably improving collaboration within the group, reducing silo thinking and promoting more agile working. But project NWoW is not only about reshaping the workplace; it also aims to help encourage flexible, creative and innovative work.

Lena Marbacher, Ph.D.

Lena Marbacher has a Ph.D. in Design and consults companies small and large in organizational development at TheDive. She's also the founder of the magazine Neue Narrative.

Joana Breidenbach

For Joana Breidenbach, emerging trends are a chance to explore new potential. Today, she wonders how we can create a more inclusive approach to digitization to avoid leaving people feeling insecure and fearful of new developments.

Heiko Fischer

In 2011, Heiko Fischer and Angela Maus founded Resourceful Humans. Following the "RH-way" they aimed at transforming businesses into entrepreneurial led network organizations with 100% entrepreneurship and 0% bureaucracy.

Jacob Morgan

Jacob Morgan is one of the world’s leading pioneers in the future of work and employee experience. After years of research on how the world of work is changing, he’s now published his third book, ‘The Employee Experience Advantage,' and travels the world as a keynote speaker and advisor to business leaders and organizations.

Joachim Schledt

Since 2008, Joachim Schledt has dedicated himself completely to Alnatura’s employee development instead of employee retention—a term he’s has removed from his vocabulary entirely. Today, the organic food retailer founded in 1984 has made moves towards becoming a social, organic company.

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