Humans of New Work

#Purpose at Work

Achim & Adrian Hensen

Adrian and Achim Hensen are co-founders of Purpose Stiftung, a non-profit that redefines steward ownership as the motor in a changing economy. When talking about new work topics, process design and methods often dominate the discussion while the question of ownership remains unanswered.

Thomas D

A vegan, animal lover, eco-activist, and musician, Thomas D is probably best known in Germany as one of the members of the hip-hop band 'Die Fantastischen Vier'. He’s a person who thinks before he sings, although one has to question whether the Fanta 4 actually 'sing.'

Lukas Marx

Lukas Marx discovered his love for music at an early age. The decision to turn his passion into a career, however, took a little longer.

Lizzie Jones

Armed with a background in fashion design, Lizzie Jones worked in the industry for a couple of years after graduating, but she knew that the industry wasn’t a good fit for her.

Dr. Jan Sulk

While it was primarily the idea of safety that led Dr. Jan Sulk to follow a traditional career path, he views his choices in a more relaxed way and realizes that balance is more important than ever.

Ferdi van Heerden

Born and raised in Phalaborwa, South Africa, in between Etosha Park and apartheid policy, Ferdi was confronted with the topic of humanity at a very early stage.

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