Humans of New Work

#societal change

Godo Röben

Rügenwalder Mühle has what you would want in a flagship company – an intelligent vision, responsible purpose, clear messages, and plenty of scope for participation, exchange, and discussions. Read on, how the former CMO and today CEO, Godo Röben, proved great leadership through willingness and courage to take on risks, infuse innovation, ensure strong willpower , and continually lead from the heart succeeding in establishing a sustainable industry trend.

Götz Werner

Götz Werner stands for entrepreneurship on behalf of humanity. As the founder and board member of dm drugstore, he is a strong advocate for basic income being an opportunity for a positive development for the world of work and society.

Max Neufeind

Max Neufeind mag es, sich den zentralen Themen des 21. Jahrhunderts zu stellen. Als Forscher, Dozent und Berater beschäftigt er sich mit psychologischen, soziologischen und ökonomischen Fragestellungen rund um das Thema „Zukunft der Arbeit“.

Marc Sinnewe

Marc Sinnewe is the founder and CEO of volunt, a consulting agency for non-profit organizations. Its mission? Dusting off the idea of voluntary and professionalizing associations.

Mirjam Kleine & Lars Braitmayer

Both Mirjam Kleine and Lars Braitmayer have experienced Viva con Agua’s growth from a small circle of friend to an association. For both of them, Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. stands for bravery, authenticity, and the freedom to continuously create new opportunities, discover one’s potential, and grow a team without losing the company’s original spirit.

Laura Zumbaum

Laura has devoted her life to coffee, more precisely, to the coffee fruit. She wants to revolutionize and provide greater transparency to the coffee industry.

Alexander Tornow

One of Alexander's current areas of interest is the evolving working world, which has consequently led to him to start his initiative, New Work Families. The draw to rethink work resulted from a bitter realization at the end of his economics studies.

Marc Buckley

Marc’s life work is to reform the agriculture, food and beverage industry by showing how to build and grow resilient, sustainable and profitable businesses.

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