Humans of New Work

The future of work and digital transformation are bound together.

Digital transformation is more than just employing the newest digital tools, engaging in ‘design thinking,’ commuting to a co-working space every day or partaking in trendy innovation labs. Digital transformation is a holistic change that starts by rethinking what we think we know about workplace and communication strategies.

At Humans of New Work, we step beyond the buzzwords to get at the core of, learn about and promote differing business processes, competencies and working models to instill positive change and unleash future opportunities.

Humans of New Work is varied, multi-faceted and forward thinking.

Our topics vary, but we stand open and curious, eager to tackle the next thing. Whether it’s discussing the pillars of innovation culture, addressing cultural change, unleashing an avalanche of female empowerment, or just discovering a new workspace or forms of entrepreneurship, we want to hear your take on digital transformation and the future of work through your lens.


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